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Legal Highlights (17 July 2017 – 21 July 2017)   

Amendments to Domestic Violence Act The proposed Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill 2017 will be tabled for second and third readings in Parliament. The proposed amendments, among others, provide for the issuance of an emergency protection order and the expansion of the scope of domestic violence to include criminal intimidation and misappropriation of property.
(Source: THE STAR)

Legal Aid Act to be amended Amendments to the Legal Aid Act 1971 to include provisions on the service of “legal companions” to assist litigants with legal processes will be tabled in the upcoming Parliament sitting. The legal companions would assist litigants in clarifying court proceedings, legal processes and jargons. The introduction of legal companions would also complement the proceedings of special courts for sexual crimes against children.
(Source: NST) 

New Bill to improve co-op sector A new Bill aiming to improve the co-operative sector will be tabled in Parliament. The new Bill seeks to enhance the co-operatives sector as well as ensuring more transparency within the co-operatives. The Bill, once passed, would result in changes to the present organisational structure of the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission.
(Source: THE STAR) 

SC: Due diligence guidelines undergone review The Guidelines on Due Diligence Conduct for Corporate Proposals are undergoing a review by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) to enhance its clarity, standardisation, and accountability. Both legal and accounting professionals will be consulted in the review process.
(Source: THE STAR) 

Hong Kong: HKCCA joins ACC The Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association (HKCCA) which represents over 800 in-house lawyers in Hong Kong has formed an alliance with the Association of Corporate Council (ACC), a global bar association promoting common professional and business interests of in-house counsel. HKCCA members will become members of the newly branded ACC Hong Kong from 1 September 2017.