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Legal Highlights (9 October 2017 – 13 October  2017)   

New minimum wage to be announced in 2018 A new minimum wage will be announced in 2018 as a measure to bridge the existing income gap between employees of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Currently, the minimum wage for employees in East Malaysia is MYR920 while the employees in West Malaysia are paid MYR1000.
(Source: NST) 

EIS Bill in the pipeline The Employment Insurance System (EIS) Bill will be re-tabled in Parliament in October, after a consensus was reached with the stakeholders to reduce the contribution rates from the initial 0.5% of monthly wages each from employers and employees.
(Source: THE STAR) 

Singapore: Monster Strike allowed for registration Monster Energy, a United States energy drink manufacturer, has failed to block the registration of Monster Strike in Singapore by Mixi Inc, a Japanese mobile producer for its mobile game. The trademark registrar ruled that Energy’s attempt to ring-fence the word “Monster” for its own use was unjustified, since both products operate in different industries and that the marks were dissimilar.

Greece: Law allowing legal gender change approved A new law easing Greek citizens to change their legal gender has been approved by the Greek Parliament. Greek citizens over the age of 15 years old will now be able to change their legal gender with a court ruling, without the requirement of any medical operation. Previously, sex-change surgery and medical tests were required for those who wish to change their gender on official documents.
(Source: BBC) 

Australia: Unsent text valid will The Brisbane Supreme Court has ruled that the unsent text composed by a dead man as his official will. Justice Susan Brown opined that the wording of the text message, which ended with the words “my will”, indicated that he intended such to act as his will. In the message, the deceased instructed for his ashes to be kept in the back garden, and also provided the details of his bank account and the hidden money in his house.
(Source: BBC)