Commercial & Corporate Advisory


Our Commercial & Corporate Advisory practice group provides advice on an extensive scope of corporate matters including incorporation of local companies, registration of businesses and the establishment of foreign branch companies and representatives or regional offices for foreign parties.

We provide documentation expertise and advice relating to corporate restructuring and business-unit rationalisation, venture capital participation, agreements between shareholders in corporations and other arrangements between business partners under various forms of business organisations such as joint ventures, partnerships and unincorporated bodies and associations. In addition, we advise on issues pertaining to:

• Regulatory requirements and corporate governance
• Disclosure requirements on offer documents and circulars
• Due diligence and verification exercises on offer documents and submissions to
Malaysian authorities

Advising our clients on cross-border transactions has also become part of our practice. This includes giving advice on their overseas investments and offshore fund-raising exercises or investments in Malaysia.

Dato' Zulkifly Rafique
• Khairuzzaman Muhammad
• Jerry Ong Kok Wah

• Falisa Abu Bakar