Privatisation & Corporatisation


We advise on the privatisation & corporatisation of government-owned or managed utilities, infrastructure and property development projects. We are experienced in dealing with government bodies, private concession-holders and other interested stakeholders. We cover a variety of areas ranging from municipal services, establishing land development corporations, toll-road concessions, hydroelectric dams, timber, water treatment, distribution and revenue collection. Our involvement in such areas indicates a level of familiarity and understanding in line with the rapid changes in the methods of transacting business. We advise, negotiate and render drafting expertise on:

•    Concession agreements
•    Legislative and regulatory compliance and revision
•    Project and other financing arrangements
•    Vesting of assets and transfer of employees following privatisation
and corporatisation
•    Joint ventures and acquisitions of equity interests in concession companies
•    Management buyouts
•    Due diligence on concession holders


Tunku Alizan RM Alias
• Lukman Sheriff Alias
• Ermira Faridah