21 August 2021

The infographic highlights the SOP for Phase One of the Movement Control Order under the National Recovery Plan in Kedah, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, W.P Kuala Lumpur and W.P Putrajaya as issued and updated by the National Security Council on 20 August 2021.

For areas under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO), the EMCO SOP is effective until announced otherwise. 

Latest Amendments
1. Dine-In
All restaurants including those located in Hotels, Sports and Recreational Club Houses, Food Shops, Food trucks, Road Side Vendors, Food Courts & Kiosk are allowed to prepare dine-in services in line with the conditions below:
  • Customers must be fully vaccinated and are not exhibiting any conditions. 
  • Business premise owners must display at the entrance of the premise, a notice allowing only fully vaccinated customers
  • Only workers that are fully vaccinated and not exhibiting any conditions are allowed to work according to vaccination rates as below:
(a) 40%   :   Allowed to operate at 60% capacity
(b) 60%   :   Allowed to operate at 80% capacity
(c) 80%.  :   Allowed to operate at 100% capacity
  • Tables and chairs must be arranged in a manner to maintain social distancing and good ventilation.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to bring their children below the age of 17 years old to dine in with them. 
2. Sports & Recreation
  • Usage of sports and recreational facilities and premises are confined to fully vaccinated individuals only.
  • Sports, recreation and leisure activities without physical contact and non-group activities (outdoors) are permitted from 6am to 8pm.
  • Activities include jogging, exercise, tai chi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing, equestrian, archery, climbing, tennis (singles), badminton (singles),golf, motoring and the likes.
  • Operation of all outdoor commercial sports facilities and recreational centres including swimming pools (open/semi-open) are allowed to operate with.
  • Shower Rooms are not allowed to be open
3. Restriction in Movement
  • Fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to travel as per the capacity of the car.
  • Removal of 10KM radius rule but not allowed to cross district & state borders
4. Picnics & Camping
  • Picnics and camping are allowed.
  • Participation of children aged 17 and under is allowed with strict adherence to SOP.
5. Markets
Morning Market, Farmer's Market, Night Market & Weekend Market are allowed to operate for fully vaccinated individuals. Customers must show Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate before being allowed to enter.

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